Can Laser Hair Removal Help Get Rid of Ingrown Facial Hair?

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Because ingrown hairs curl back into the skin rather than growing out through the surface, they cause small, swollen bumps to form in noticeable areas. Now, solutions like laser hair removal at Devine Aesthetic Solutions provide a long-lasting solution for ingrown hairs with little downtime or discomfort, especially compared to more conventional treatments.

Dr. Jeanine Thomas recommends Soprano ICE™ technology for African-American men who experience ingrown hairs on the face and neck after shaving with a razor. Call now to meet with a specialist in Arlington, TX, and discover why so many people in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas of Midlothian, Euless, and the Mid-Cities choose to work with our team.

What causes ingrown hairs after shaving?

Ingrown hairs are more common than you think. For example, African-American men are prone to ingrown hairs because the hair follicles are typically curved and grow in a tight pattern.

Ingrown hairs are sometimes caused by shaving in the wrong direction or using a dull razor, leading to hair that winds back into the skin instead of growing out naturally. These areas often cause discomfort and embarrassment. Instead of relying on traditional methods like razors and tweezers to remove ingrown hairs from the face, chin, and neck, laser hair removal is a much more effective solution.

Soprano ICE laser technology for hair removal

Laser hair removal targets individual hairs with pulses of light energy — which weakens the follicle and prevents the hair from growing back. The Soprano ICE laser has a sapphire tip that makes the process virtually pain-free. Plus, it has a state-of-the-art cooling system to keep your skin safe and comfortable throughout treatment. Dr. Thomas can adjust the wavelengths of the laser for the best results possible.

Additional benefits of laser hair removal in Arlington, TX, include:

  • Long-lasting hair reduction
  • Works on almost all skin types and tones
  • Can address a wide range of hair types
  • Safe and precise treatments that offer exceptional results
  • No downtime or pain compared to other procedures

Will my ingrown hairs be gone for good?

Laser hair removal from Devine Aesthetic Solutions can provide long-term results with minimal maintenance. However, Dr. Thomas may book 4 – 6 sessions spaced several weeks apart to prevent further regrowth. Each session takes less than an hour, so you can be in and out quickly with minimal disruption to your day.

Though removing 100% of the hair from the face and neck is not always possible, our Soprano ICE laser can reduce the overall amount of hair growth in that region. Patients usually notice dramatic results almost immediately after treatment and significant improvements over time. Our team can provide an estimate for expected outcomes after a detailed evaluation.

Ask about laser treatments for ingrown hairs

African-American men who suffer from ingrown hairs on the face, chin, and neck can now turn to Devine Aesthetic Solutions for a noninvasive, long-lasting solution. Contact our office in Arlington, TX today to book a consultation with Dr. Jeanine Thomas and learn about your hair removal options. Our team proudly works with patients in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas of Midlothian, Euless, and the Mid-Cities.

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