Can RF Skin Tightening Firm Up Loose Skin on the Face?

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Wrinkled skin can make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious about your appearance. If you're looking for a quick and virtually painless way to tighten loose skin in your face, Devine Aesthetic Solutions has the answer. RF skin tightening treatment by Accent Prime is a noninvasive way to increase your confidence and show off your face – whether you’re spending time with family, at work, or going out to social events.

Internal medicine specialist Dr. Jeanine Thomas uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin, leading to a smoother and younger-looking face. The best part about this popular treatment? There’s no need for incisions or general anesthesia. Contact our office in Arlington, TX today to schedule your radiofrequency procedure.

What is radiofrequency skin tightening?

Radiofrequency skin tightening is a safe and effective technology that heats the dermis layer of the skin and encourages new collagen and elastin growth. It's an excellent option for people near Garland, Southlake, or Plano, TX who've noticed some mild to moderate sagging in areas prone to signs of aging, like the face, upper arms, abdomen, and thighs. Many of our patients choose RF skin tightening when aging or events like recent weight loss or pregnancy leave them with loose or wrinkled skin.

How is this different from other treatments?

RF skin tightening treatment uses a simple handheld device to deliver radiofrequency energy to loose skin on the face or body. The procedure only takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Unlike plastic surgery, this treatment can result in very few side effects and requires little to no downtime. What's more, the results are long-term as collagen slowly continues to naturally tighten your skin over time. Benefits of RF skin tightening in Fort Worth, Garland, Plano, and Southlake, TX include:

  • Minimal downtime, depending on your skin sensitivity. We recommend staying out of sunlight for a day or two to minimize side effects.

  • Low risk of complications; treatment is generally safe. Some patients may have redness or skin irritation in the treated area.

  • Quick and easy procedure most people enjoy during a lunch break.

  • Long-lasting results as collagen and elastin continue to grow over time.

Why should I choose Accent Prime?

Accent Prime is our go-to solution for noninvasive skin tightening. Cosmetic professionals across the U.S. trust Accent Prime as an alternative to surgical procedures, so you can rest assured that your procedure will be free from complications. Accent Prime technology ensures that we can achieve better results with less pain and fewer appointments when compared with other methods.

What will my face look like after RF treatment?

You may experience some mild redness or swelling in your face or other treatment areas at first, but this should resolve itself fairly quickly. Full results can be seen after several months when new collagen growth has stimulated the tightening process. Your face should appear smoother and tighter with fewer wrinkles.

Schedule skin tightening treatment

If you're looking to reduce wrinkles and tighten loose skin, Devine Aesthetic Solutions can provide cutting-edge solutions in our office. So, have you considered the benefits of RF skin tightening for your face? Meet with internal medicine specialist Dr. Jeanine Thomas to learn how to get started and receive your custom treatment plan. People who live in Fort Worth, Garland, Plano, or Southlake can enjoy their appearance once again!

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