Five Tips to Maintain Results After Laser Body Sculpting

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Have you made painstaking efforts through diet and exercise to lose unwanted fat but are not impressed with the results so far? Laser body sculpting may be the right treatment option for you to rid your body of pesky fat pockets while avoiding the recovery and restrictions after invasive surgery. Dr. Jeanine Thomas is an internal medicine specialist with Devine Aesthetic Solutions, located in Arlington, TX, who is qualified to provide patients with the innovative BeautiFill laser body sculpting procedure.

What is BeautiFill?

BeautiFill comes in the form of a handheld device that uses the latest laser technology to extract, dissolve, and transfer fat cells. Extracted fat cells are purified and reintroduced into the body to enhance other bodily features that have become lax with age. Laser body sculpting can be used to treat small or large surface areas of the body, depending on the patient’s goals for treatment.

What areas of the body can BeautiFill be used on?

BeautiFill can be applied to just about any portion of the body that harbors unwanted or extraneous fatty tissue. Common target areas to extract fat from include the buttocks, thighs, hips, waist, and abdomen. Purified fat cells can be used to enhance facial features and other target areas, such as the breasts and buttocks, to contour the body and provide a fuller, younger appearance. Dr. Thomas works with every patient to create individual treatment plans to ensure that their unique goals are met in Garland, Southlake, Arlington, or Dallas, TX.

Who is a good candidate for BeautiFill body sculpting?

You may qualify for BeautiFill laser body sculpting if you:

  • Are at a healthy baseline weight

  • Want to improve lax or tired facial features

  • Are trying to avoid invasive surgery or dermal fillers

  • Are looking to decrease unwanted fat in some bodily areas while increasing the volume in others.

What is the BeautiFill treatment like?

BeautiFill laser body sculpting is an outpatient, same-day procedure conducted in a comfortable, private treatment room. The handheld device is placed on the target area and emits precise laser technology to loosen fat cells and then suction them out. The fat cells are purified and then reintroduced into the body to enhance the volume of other target areas that have become thin and lax over the years.

How long does it take to notice results?

Aside from some swelling and tenderness, results from laser body sculpting are almost immediate.

Five tips for maintaining results after BeautiFill laser body sculpting

For some patients, laser body sculpting results can last for many years. As expected, skin changes and laxity can reappear with age. Here are five tips to help maintain results after laser body sculpting:

  1. Maintain a healthy weight. Large weight fluctuations can alter the outcomes.

  2. Eat a healthy diet filled with nutritious foods.

  3. Stay well-hydrated to maintain skin integrity.

  4. Get plenty of sleep.

  5. Avoid smoking, drinking, or other substance use that ages your skin.

Dr. Thomas provides patients with recovery recommendations and precautions that also help maximize results.

How much does laser body sculpting treatment cost?

The cost of laser body sculpting will depend on the patient’s treatment goals, the number of target areas, and the number of recommended treatment sessions. Dr. Thomas and our team at Devine Aesthetic Solutions work with each patient to create individual financial plans that meet their budget needs while achieving their desired treatment goals.

Learn more about BeautiFill laser body sculpting in DFW

If you are looking for a more natural way to rid your body of unwanted fat while enhancing the volume of other features for a fuller and youthful look, contact our team at Devine Aesthetic Solutions to schedule a BeautiFul consultation in Arlington, TX with Dr. Jeanine Thomas. Our clinic serves patients near Garland, Plano, Southlake, Fort Worth, and Arlington, TX.

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