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What is Laser Scar Treatment?

Laser scar treatment is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser energy to diminish the appearance of a scar. At Devine Aesthetic Solutions, we utilize the Harmony XL PRO system by Alma to perform laser scar treatment. This nonsurgical therapy is an excellent choice for men and women who have unattractive scars on their face or body. The Devine Aesthetics Team understands that having a scar from a previous injury or surgery can be a constant reminder of past trauma. To reduce discoloration, rough texture, and skin damage, consider laser scar treatment in Arlington, TX.

Am I A Candidate For Laser Scar Treatment?

Ideal candidates for a laser scar treatment have a large, unsightly, or painful scar on their face or body that they want to reduce the appearance of. Acne scars are also included in scar types treated. Candidates should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations of their results.

How does laser scar treatment work?

Laser scar treatment is an outpatient treatment that is performed on-site at Devine Aesthetic Solutions in Arlington, TX. The handheld Harmony XL PRO applicator is used to remove damaged skin one layer at a time to prompt new tissue growth. Over the next few months, the treated area will gradually change, resulting in smoother, clearer skin. To achieve the best results, we usually recommend 4 – 6 treatments spaced one week apart. 

What happens after laser scar treatment?

A great deal of patients regard laser-based scar treatments to involve only slight pain. Clients who have undergone the procedure often describe the sensation of an elastic band impacting the skin. Recovery from laser scar treatment with the Harmony XL Pro should be relatively quick and pain-free. However, it is important that you use SPF and prevent your treatment area from being in direct sun exposure. Proper follow-up will be crucial to achieving the results you want.

Laser Scar Treatment FAQ

How soon can you perform laser scar treatment after an injury?
In order to perform laser scar treatment safely, you will need to wait until your current wound has healed. Stitches will also need to be removed before treatment. Once the underlying tissue has recovered, we can schedule your laser scar treatment. 

Can laser scar treatment completely remove a scar?
While laser scar treatment can dramatically reduce the appearance of a scar, it can't remove it entirely. Devine Aesthetic Solutions has experienced great results with Harmony XL PRO, and most patients are surprised by how much the treatment helps soften the look of unwanted scars. 

How much does laser scar treatment cost?
Since laser scar treatment is a highly customized therapy, the costs will vary for each patient. During your consultation, our Arlington, TX team can discuss pricing and all your payment options. 

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