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What are Metagenics supplements?

Jeanine Thomas, D.O. is excited to offer Metagenics supplements to Arlington, TX men and women. Metagenics is a top brand of nutritional supplements that uses the highest quality of ingredients and science-based programs to produce natural compounds. Their powerful therapeutics offer many benefits, and their supplements are non-GMO, GMP certified, vegetarian, gluten-free, and don't use any artificial colors or sweeteners. To learn more about Metagenics and how they can elevate your health, call Devine Aesthetic Solutions in Arlington, TX. 

What are the benefits of natural supplements?

Metagenics natural supplements are designed to help you return to wholeness and balance in your life. Taking appropriate supplements can restore and maintain your good health, along with other benefits such as:

  • Clinically-formulated and studied ingredients
  • Functional, non-invasive approach focused on your wellness
  • Medicine and treatments that are customizable to your exact needs
  • Balance out your body's natural and environmental deficiencies


Who is a good candidate for supplements?

Almost everyone can benefit from incorporating natural supplements into their daily routine. Reliable supplements, such as the Metagenics natural supplements offered at Devine Aesthetic Solutions, can help to round out nutrient and vitamin deficiencies that our diet and environment may not provide. Having a comprehensive picture of your current vitamin and mineral levels, such as bloodwork levels and knowing what your general diet looks like, can help Dr. Thomas develop a plan for which supplements may be most beneficial for you.

What to expect with natural supplements

If you're interested in Metagenics supplements, the first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas. During this time, she'll review your medical history, current symptoms, and diet. After discussing your unique needs, she can go over the Metagenics line of supplements and provide a recommendation on which products may be best for you. Treatment regimens will vary for each patient, and pricing will differ, depending on the type of supplements and dosage.

Metagenics Natural supplement FAQs

Who is a candidate for Metagenics supplements?

Candidates for Metagenics supplements are men and women who have a difficult time managing certain medical conditions. They can even complement your already healthy lifestyle! If you fall under either of these categories, Devine Aesthetic Solutions can perform an evaluation and curate an appropriate program for you.

Will I need to diet and exercise while taking supplements?

Most primary care providers recommend following a regular diet and exercise program to manage your health. Our team can answer questions about your normal routines and lifestyle choices while creating your Metagenics treatment plan. We are happy to work alongside each patient to optimize their health.

When can I expect to feel better after taking supplements?

Results from Metagenics supplements depend on your individual concerns and goals. However, you can expect to notice positive changes if you follow a consistent program. Our team at Devine Aesthetic Solutions can give you a more specific timeline when you come in for an assessment.

Where can I purchase Metagenics supplements?

Metagenics supplements are available for purcahse at Dr. Thomas' Metagenics store.
Metagenics Store

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Dietary supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes have been used for many years to boost health. With the Metagenics line of products, Devine Aesthetic Solutions can offer you superior quality for the most effective results. To discover more, contact our Arlington, TX med spa to book an appointment with Dr. Jeanine Thomas. 

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